Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Robot Parts] VS-BT001 ~ Bluetooth Module for KTX ~


Bluetooth Serial Communication Module “VS-BT001” is a communication module compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile SPP.
This module supports
By installing this module on to your robot, you can control it from Android phone, PC , or any other device has programming capability using Bluetooth communication.

  • Size:  W 35mm × D 38mm × H 16.5mm
  • Weight:  8g
  • Input Voltage:  +3.3V ~ +5.0V
  • Max Current at Power ON:  50mA
  • Max Current at Waiting (no SPP communication established):  10mA
  • Max Current at SPP Communication established:  20mA ~ 30mA
  • Bluetooth Model:  Bluetooth(R)2.0  Class 2
  • Signal:  Max 30m
  • Bluetooth Profile:  SPP, GAP, SDAP
  • Serial Communication
    • Setup at shipment:  115200bps, no parity, 1 stop bit, two wire communication speed 2400bps~921.6kbps (11 steps)
    • Data length:  8 bit
    • Voltage level:  +3Vp-p, or +3.3~5.0V
Controlling from PC
VS-BT001 is a Bluetooth serial port SPP enabled device.  Using RFCOMM protocol, it can communicate with a virtual communication port of an external PC.   You can easily develop an application for your wirelessly controlled robot, by accessing the com port.

Android App

There is a sample app called “VS-C2 for Android” available at android market.  By installing this app on your android phone, you can control your robot from your phone as you do on PS2 remote controller.
VS-C2 for Android
- Remote feature like PS2 remote
- Voice command input
- Analog input using accelerometer of the phone
Android is an open platform.  You can develop your own application to control your robot using camera, speaker, mic, 3G network, accelerometer, etc….

Using the Bluetooth module, you can control the robot wirelessly from PC or any other devices supports blutooth communication.  One of the interesting development would be vision processing using wireless camera.  You can mount a small wireless camera on your robot and connect it to your pc. You pc will capture the camera image and process it then send command to the robot to do some behavior corresponds to the image input.  Also, it can be used for researching communication between robots.