Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Robot Parts] Omnidirectional Sensor

The omnidirectional sensor is an image sensor that can observe 360 degree at a time.  The surrounding scenery is reflected to the omnidirectional mirror, and it corrects image data from the camera mounted looking up facing the mirror.

<Installation of software and driver>
Step 0:  Make sure your camera is not connected onto your PC.
Step 1:    Insert CD into your PC.  It will start setup program.  If not, open the content inside the CD and run “Setup.exe” under “ODS/camera/software” folder.
Step 2:  Select “Install IUC PCCam Driver”, and follow the instruction.  It will install camera driver and TViewer software.
Step 3:  Connect your camera to USB port.
Step 4:  Start TViewer.  It will show you camera image.

The drivers (included in the CD) come with the sensor did not run on my win7 PC...
The one I have is really old version so it wasn't updated for win7.

If you run into the same problem for some reason, please check on the manufactures website and download newest drivers for your use.