Robot Parts

CPU Board

CPU Board is used for controlling servo motors, managing sensor device, and communicating with other signal devices.  Most of the CPU Board comes with its own software to program motions and change configulations for the robot.  More information here >>

Servo Motors
Humanoid robots uses variety of servo motors; small, big, analog, digital, serial...etc...  Powerful servo with metal gear will gives you more accurate positioning and smooth motion.  More information here >>

Upgrade Kit
Variety of upgrade kits are available for KTX humanoid robots.  More information here >>

Battery and Power Supply
It is recommended to use a power supply instead of battery for long term development.  More information here >>

Omnidirectional Sensors
Omnidirectional sensor is a great sensor device for your robot.  You can observe 360 degree of surrounding area from just single image.  More information here >>