Humanoid Robot

KTX-PC  (Robovie PC)

KTX-PC is a humanoid robot comes with PC board inside... wow... which means you can do whatever you can do on your desktop machine!!! There are two three versions; one with regular digital servo and the other two with stronger servo with metal gears.  Also, we can customize your robot based on your needs.  Just bring us your idea!  More information here >>

KTX  (Robovie X)

KTX is a standard humanoid robot, which can walk, run, dance, talk, ...etc...  The robot comes with a software, so that you can program your own motion!  New to humanoid world?  Don't worry, this is the most friendly humanoid robot to work with!!!  More information here >>

R3 (Robovie R ver3)

R3 is a life size humanoid robot.  If you are looking for a platform to develop a robotic system requires human interaction... this is the one you need!  More information here >>


Tichno is a life size humanoid robot that you can customize it.  You can change out fits and add more joints if you need.  If you are looking for life size character robot, this is the one you should need!  More information here>>


Plen is a "Desktop Hobby Robot".  Have you seen any humanoid robot can do "Roller skating" ???  If you want to show off your humanoid robot, this is the one you should get!  More information here>>

Manoi PF01

Everyone knows Manoi... Cute, Friendly, and High Performance... More information here>>