Friday, March 18, 2011

[KTX-PC] Humanoid robot equiped with PC board! ~Introduction to KTX-PC~ 2

Standard:  $9,900
Pro(Full High Torque):  $14,500

"KumoTek Robotics announces the launch of a new low cost bipedal humanoid robot platform for researchers across America. Based on the 5 years RoboCup Award Winning VisiON 4G technology, the all new KT-X PC was developed with the concept of providing both an internal PC and motor controller in a bipedal robot frame, in order to expand the possibilities of robotics research.

The KT-X PC incorporates a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, memory expansion slots, video input for vision, speakers, a 60Mhz motor controller, 3 axis gyro/accelerometer chip, a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera, 6 high-torque/titanium gear motors in the legs and an external urethane foam casing to protect the robots internal PC and equipment from shock.

The onboard PC and vision system allows researchers to expand their areas of research and development, previously limited to higher end equipment. Through reliable communication and network capabilities, we expect this product to be utilized as a new man-machine interface connecting people and robots."

 There are "3" type of KTX-PC,  Standard, Half High Torque, Full High Torque.  Only difference between those modes is number of high power servo used.
Half High Torque has 10 regular servo(VS-S092J) and  10 high power servo (VS-S281J) used for legs.
Full High Torque has 4 regular servo (VS-S092J) and 16 high power servo (VS-S281J×16) used for legs and arms.
Following table describes specification on standard KTX-PC. 

20 Degree of Freedom
Head (2), Arms (6), Legs (12)
Servo Motor
VS-S092j x 18, VS-S281 x 2
Main CPU
PICO820 (Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz)
CF Flash Memory 8GB
Secondary CPU
VS-RC003HV (ARM7 60MHz
USB Camera,
VS-IX001 (2 axel gyro sensor and 3 axel accelerometer
Shock-absorbing material
Mono Speaker
7.2 V Ni Battery,
PC board Power Adapter
Supported Interface
2 USB 2.0 port,
1 VGA,
1 LAN,
1 Speaker,
1 Microphone
Supported Operating System

 Parts and Accessories
<!>  The box will not come with the Robot!!! You can get one at Fry's.
  • Robot
  • Ni Battery (2 Pack)
  • Ni Battery Charger
  • Battery and Charger Cable
  • USB Communication Cable
  • Wireless Controller VS-C1
  • PC Power Adapter
  • CF Flash Memory (Inside Robot)
  • SO-DIMM1GB (Inside Robot)
  • CD (Manual, RobovieMaker2, Sample Software)
  • PC Board Accessories
  • USB Camera Accessories
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User Manual
Robot Project

Please use latest version!!!
If you want to update your CPU preference also with the Project File, please go to the page here >> and follow the step in Quick fix. 

<CPU Preferenc Files>


Sample Project

    1 comment:

    1. Wow! this is one of coolest robot!!!
      Well, what is the possible application to this robot?

      One of the big difference between this robot and other robots is ... the built in PC board!
      Before, to do the heavy processing, such as real-time motion control or vision processing, we have to have other PC networked with the robot and let the PC to process the heavy things...

      By having the PC inside the robot, we can process the motion or the vision inside robot and there is no need for having PCs next to the robot. It already has one inside!

      Also, you can have this robot as a regular desktop PC.
      Just plug keyboard, mouse, and monitor.