Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[R3] Life Size Service Robot Robovie R3

Robovie R3
$52,000 ~
Robovie R3 is a lifesize robot platform for studying humanoid robot communication.

Platform for developing new humanoid robot service
R3 is intended for the experiments in a real environment to human activities.  The wheels on the base will allow moving around on rough load.  The high performance motors on the wheels will allow moving up and down on the slope.

User Friendly
By having PC as a main control system, customer can easily develop their own system and adopt variety of sensors.
Also, iR3 has a sub control board, VSRC003, for motor control and touch sensor input.  This control board can be programmed by Robovie Maker 2 as you do on the smaller robots, such as KT-X and KTX-PC, etc...
You can also implement your own motions using Robovie Maker 2 and those motion can be controlled by Remote controller and can be used in your custom software with SDK.

Low Cost & Good Quality
By developing our own high performance servo motor, we achieved reducing the cost of R3 down to the price our customer can afford.
Also, by using our own servo motors, we made great improvement on its quality.

Variety of Option Parts 
  • Omni wheel - Omni directional wheels can be mounted on to the base
  • Gripper - Gripper hand option will allow the robot to grab small object
  • Lazer range finder:  Laser range finder can detect the distance to the object infront of the robot
  • Custom Outer Shell:  You can customize outer shell to fits to your use
  • Size:  1080mm x 500mm x 520mm
  • Weight:  35kg
  • DOF:  17 (Eyes: 2, Wrist: 3 Neck: 3, Arms: 4 x 2, Base: 2 wheels)
  • Servo Motors:  VS-SV1150 x 7, VS-SV3310J x 4, MICRO STD/F x 4
  • Motor:  Maxon Brushless Motor x 2
  • Main PC:  Can be chosen by the customer
  • Sub CPU board:  VSRC003HV(ARM7 60MHz)
  • I/O:  touch sensor x 11, USB Camera x 2, Mono microphone x 2, Speaker x 1, Laser range finder (optional)
  • Battery (12V 28Ah

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