Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[Beauto Rover] Great Educational Robot ~ Ready for you to have it in your class room~

Coming Soon!
Beauto Rover ARM is a educational robot equiped with ARM microprocessor, ideal for embedded programming learning material for high school and college students.
Also this is best product for adults who wants to learn embedded world for their home project.


 Beauto Rover can be programmed in visual based programming tool, Beauto Builder2.  You can learn programming concepts using flowcharts and algorithms. Beauto Rover is also available in C development environment,  LPCXpresso.

Option Parts
Additional sensors are available!!!

 I/O board VS-WRC004LV
  • 4ch DC Motor Output
  • 3ch Analog Input
  • E8a Debugger Port
  • Encoder Input Port
  Motor Encoder
This expansion kit will allow you control the speed and the number of rotation of the motor.
It requires VS-WRC004LV!!!!!

Remote Controller
Infrared Sensors
This sensor will allow you to detect object infront of the robot.
If you want to connect 3 or more sensors, you will need VS-WRC004LV

Octal Infrared Sensor

Motor Amp for High Voltage/Current Output

This board will allow you to use bigger motors with higher voltage and higher current (16V/41A).
Following I/O are available:
  • Motor Signal Input
  • DC Motor signal Output
  • Voltage Input for the Motor
  • Voltage Out for CPU Board (4V)

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