Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[Tichno] Custmizable Life Size Humanoid Robot

Tichno ~Create your own custom life size robot~
$99,000 ~ $150, 000
Tichno is a customizable life size humanoid robot.  Actuators are developed for the use in larger humanoid robot in module, and the module can be easily custmized.
This robot will be great choice for your base pratform to create your character robot for any event or company.

Module Based Joint System
Module based joint system allow us easy customization for the customer and easy replacement of the joints for the fix or the upgrade.

  • Size:  1,310mm tall 
  • Weight:  26kg with battery
  • DOF:  22 ( Neck: 3, Body:  1, Arms:  4 x 2, Legs: 5 x 2)
  • Servo:  VS-SV410 x 3, VS-SV1150 x 11, VS-SV3310 x 
  • CPU:  VS-RC003HV
  • Sensor:  VS-IX001(2 axis gyro + 3 axis accelerometer)
  • Battery:  NiMH 14.4V 7200mAh
  • Frame:  Alminum, Carbon
  • Outer Shell:  ABS, FRP
  • Controller:  Remote controller 
  • Other:  LED, Speaker, Optional sensors
You can customize Tichno based on your need.
Outer shell can be different color or different shape.  You can change the number of joints...etc...
Please have your idea ready and conntact us! or me!


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  1. So, to clarify - You're offering to build custom shells and modify joints? I'd be interested in discussing a project in the future, but I'd like to know a bit more about what you're proposing here.