Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[Programming] IMU (Gyro and Accelerometer) Integration for Roboard

I'm currently working on IMU integration for a robot (Roboard) from my partner company...
The device I'm integrating is 6 DOF IMU from Sparkfun >>.

I have wrote C++ code for i2c communication but it's not working....
Cannot receive "Ack" from the device...
Well, of course it's not gonna work because the CPU board has i2c communication on 5V, and the IMU board operates on 3.3V...

Then, I got a logic level converter from Sparkfun >>.
Make sure you use 2 TX I/Os instead of using combination of one TX and RX.
Because I2C is "Bidirectional" and only TX on this board supports it!

By the way, here is the good information on I2C communication on Roboard.


  1. The 6DOF IMU board from Sparkfun has AD0 = 0, so the device address is "0x68" instead of "0x69"!

  2. Finally, i got it all working...
    I will put all the information together and post it here!!!!