Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[KTX] How to install English Voice in RM2

The voice files loaded on to original Robovie Maker2 are all in "Japanese"...
Here is a little instruction to change the voice to your language.

  1. Go to the directory where RM2 is installed.  By default, it is under Program Files or Program Files (x86). You should find a folder "RobovieMaker2".
  2. Inside the folder, look for a folder name "robovie***_def".  *** should represents your robot model.  For Regular KTX (17 DOF), the folder name is "roboviexe_def".  
  3. Inside the "robovie***_def" folder, go to a folder "X Voice Files". 
  4. Look for some voice files that you want to change... For example, greeting voices can be found in "Other" folder.   
  5. Create your own voice file.  To replace those voices without modifying the motion files, you have to use the same voice name.  Replace them and use the same name it was used in the original file.  Remember, the voice file has to be "***.wav" format, and file size has to stay really small.  You can download sample english voice files from here >>.  Copy the "Other" folder and replace with your original folder.
  6. Start RM2 and create new robot project.  Go to created project folder, it should have updated voices.  If you initialize your robot when you creating new project, it will overwrites current configurations you already have on your robot, such as calibration and Sensor offset values, etc....  If you do not want to change any configurations, please do not connect your robot and uncheck the "initialize" check box.  Once you have the project created, you can connect your robot and transfer the updated preference with new sound files.
<!> If you want to change voices in existing project, look for the voice file inside your project folder and replace it with your own voice file and name it as the same as original file.  

<!> If you need more space to store sound files, buy our MP3 Player Expansion Board. You can save your files up to 2G.