Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[Robot Parts] Main Control Boards


VSRC003 is a control board used for all the KTX series, R3, Tichno, and ...etc... to control servo motors and manage sensor devices.  By using RobovieMaker2 software, you can create your own motions and change preferences for your robot.  More information here >> 


VS-WRC103LV is a control board used for Beauto Rover.  It has an arm micro controller "LPC1343" from NXP and it supports c programming environment LPCXpresso.  More information here >>


  1. Hi Masahiro,

    Is there a more detailed diagram available for the VSRC003 that identifies all the pins and their functions?

    Can you 'daisy-chain' multiple add-on boards? For example, can I connect the MP3, Bluetooth, and gyro cards to the VSRC003?


  2. You can have multiple expansion board connected to the Vsrc003 at the same time.
    It uses i2c to communicate with those expansion boards.

    I have pin out for IX bus here =>

    If I remember correctly, the Bluetooth module uses serial communication so it cannot share the channel with other expansion boards.
    What you need to do is, take the original remote receiver out and connect the Bluetooth module, then configure the channel as "command port".
    Now you just need to connect all the other expansion board to the other IX bus channel where gyro is normally connect to.

    - Masahiro

  3. Thanks so much for the rapid reply!