Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Programming] Using KTX (VSRC003) SDK


KTX (VSRC003) SDKis software development library for KTX users.  By using this library, you can upload and play the motions created by RobovieMaker2.

Currently, this SDK will be available "Free" to all the customer who purchased KTX Pro series (KTX Pro, KTX-PC Pro).  For other customer who does not have Pro, you can get SDK for $99. 

Or, you can get SDK for "Free" by contributing KTX technical support.  Your contribution could be making documentation, posting your project, writing some code, ...etc... Contact us for more information!!!

How to Use
For C++, include "VSRC003_SDK.h" and build with "VSRC003_SDK.lib", and make sure that "rclib.dll" and "VSRC003_SDK.dll" are in your excecution directory.

For VC++ 2010 Express, go to 
project property -> Linker -> Input -> additional dependency -> edit
and add "VSRC003_SDK.lib".

For C#, write wrapper for VSRC003_SDK ....

Sample code

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