Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[KTX] Great Humanoid Robot! ~Introduction to KTX~

The robot was designed to offer an entertaining, low-cost alternative to high-end robotics, while stylishly combining the latest in sleek design and cutting-edge robotics engineering.
The KT-X is the first low-cost bi-pedal robot platform of its kind to be offered in the U.S. that (a) can be controlled using a standard wireless PS2 game pad controller, (b) is easy to use and (c) offers endless hours of entertainment.

  • Height:  13.5 in
  • Width:  6 in
  • Depth:  2.5 in
  • Weight:  2.9 lbs  (KTX standard model)
  • Degrees of Freedom:  17 Total (KTX standard model)
  • Servo:  17 x VS-S092J (KTX standard model)
  • Sensors:   Each servo has an embedded sensor for detecting the servo's position in real time. Gyro sensor and Accelerometer sensor can be added as option.
  • Main Control Board: VSRC003 HV
  • Charger:  AC100V charger
  • Communication with PC:   RS232C (115kbps) or USB
  • External I/F:  Playstation 2 Style Wireless Gamepad Remote
  • Software:  RobovieMaker2:  The KT-X comes with the easy to use "RobovieMaker" programming software. The software is easily installable to a standard windows based PC, and can be uploaded to the robot via serial connection (also provided).

Ther are 4 different models:

The KT-X Lite is the perfect robot for first time robotics builders. This robot utilizes 13 servo motors (degrees of freedom) and offers all of the plug and play features available in the higher end KT-X models. Upgrades are not available.  You can upgrade the robot by simply buying some other parts...

The KT-X Superbot is the flagship humanoid robot of KumoTek Robotics. This robot boasts 17 degrees of freedom, a powerful 60MHz microcontroller and comes with a remote control (domestic customers only). Upgrades to the KT-X Gladiator model are available.
The KT-X Gladiator is the higher end KT-X model, boasting a whopping 19 degrees of freedom, which allows the robot to pivot, or yaw on the hip axis. The KT-X Gladiator offers the most realistic motions within the KumoTek humanoid line.
The KT-X Gladiator Pro is the top-of-the-line hobby/entertainment robot within the KumoTek line. The PRO series offers an amazing 19 degrees of freedom and extremely high torque servo motors. The Gladiator PRO can lift objects and even carry other robots on its back. You can find this robot currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

<!> All KTX robots do NOT comes with Gyro/Accelerometer Sensors!!! Please buy a expansion boards.

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  1. KTX robots are amazingly well made compare to the other humanoid robots.
    This might sound like advertisement to customer but it is true...

    Since we are robotics company and we carry many kinds of robots, customer sometimes bring us humanoid robots made by other company and say "My robot stop working!!!". Then, we will spend some time to fix, calibrate and program them...

    I have worked on 4 major humanoid robots (including KTX) and I think KTX is the best for "Research" and "Development" on small humanoid robot.

    All KTX robots use aluminum frame to hold the servo and the control board, and it makes the motion steady!

    Frame of the other robots except Kondo robots are made of plastic (ABS or etc...). Those robots are bouncy...

    Manoi and Kondo robots use the same software, and it is very user friendly. However, when it comes down to the step to create your own motions, it's pain...

    For example, those robot will not walk without gyro sensor installed...(I mean, they can still walk but will fall after few steps). Even with the gyro sensor, it is hard to make him walk...without falling down. After installing gyro sensor, you have to set some configuration values for gyro. Unfortunately, the manual comes with the robot does not have those value specified... (2009).

    I went online and find someone documented the values and copied them, still did not work... I ended up finding the values by myself.... after hours of testing.

    KTX robots use a software called RobovieMaker2. I really like the software. Basically it has a slider bar for each servo motor and sensors and you can change the position of the servo or sensor gain by moving the slider. Only setup required for the robot you have is "creating new robot project file". Once load the project into the robot, your robot is ready to perform sample operations.

    KTX robots comes with variety of expansion board, such as Gyro, A/D converter, MP3 player, ... etc. Once the board is installed on the robot and it is recognized by the CPU board, all the default setup required to make it work is already set. Without spending extra time for setting values, you can make the robot walk like a human!

    If you are looking for a robot as a "toy", Manoi might be the best choice (he is cute robot! I like it)...

  2. Masahiro Hello, are a lucky person who has the Kt-x, a few days ago bought a high power servo to become a gladiator-x kt.

    But I have a problem with the passage of the robot, I see that my robot does not walk straight, it turned right. I thought it was a failure of the servo (CN1-1) R ankleroll, I've changed, but still the same .
    I see that the servo movement is not continuous, perform the movement with jumping up to the position that I have commanded you.
    I have changed the variable "0" that corresponds to the other CN1-1 and the servo works fine, so I deduce that the problem is in the variable.
    I reinstalled the firmware of the CPU, but the problem persists, you have a conclusion?

    my forum is this, there is a section for Vstone