Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[KTX] First time using RobovieMaker2

This Post is for the KTX Users who received KTX pre-assembled.
Please have your RobovieMaker2 manual ready in case you need more information.

Once you have had fun with your robot, you would wonder how you can change the animations on those robots.  well, it's pretty simple using our software called RobovieMaker2.
Here is a little tips to get you easy start!

When you start RobovieMaker2 for the first time, it will not be able to locate your robot project file.
Just create one from the scratch!
Please make sure that you are selecting correct robot model.
Also, do NOT connect your robot yet, and do NOT check "initialize CPU board".

Click "Create", and now you have a new robot project file.
Let's connect your robot now!
Connect usb cable and click on connection button on RM2.

When you connect your KTX humanoid robot to RobovieMaker2, it will shows a dialogue box asking for "creating new project".
Normally you can select your robot project that you've been using for the robot...
Since the robot does not come with the original Robot Project file, you cannot chose that option.

Just select "No" on the dialogue.
It will establish connection and load all the CPU configuration from the robot (Vsrc003), without flashing the memory.

Now, click on the transfer button.
Transfer window "Mode switching and adjusting..." will show up.
Click on the transfer button "Transfer the preferences to CPU board".
This will load all the settings to the CPU board, your robot now has the same name as specified in your project file.

Wow, now you have your robot project file ready for your programming!

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