Monday, July 1, 2013

[VS-RC003] Analog Board IX-008

Here are some useful information on IX-008.

<Setting up IX008>
1. Settings on the Dip Switch
    1, 2, 3 => OFF, 4 => ON  (it will set the address 0x92 to the board for I2C communication)
2. Settings on the Jumper Pin
    Short 1 and 2 => 5V from CN2-9, Short 2 and 3 => 3.3V from CN2-9
3. Pin Configuration on CN2 Analog IN
    CN2-1:  CH0
    CN2-2:  CH1
    CN2-3:  CH2
    CN2-4:  CH3
    CN2-8:  CH7
    CN2-9:  Power (5V or 3.3V set by the JP1)
    CN2-10 GND

<Setting up Vsrc003 from RM2>
1. Add the analog board from “CPU Preference”.
2. Go to Advanced Settings
3. Change “Data input variable” to “0” for none used channels
4.  “Apply” the settings and transfer the updated CPU preference to VSRC003

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