Friday, December 19, 2014

[KTX] How to change the animation assigned to remote controller buttons

1.  Download and Install RM2
If you do not have RM2 installed on your PC, please download and install RM2.

2.  Create/Open Robot Project
If you do not have your robot project, please take a look at this page and create a new robot project.

If you already have your robot project ready, locate and double click on your robot project file.

Here is the screen shot of the RM2 main window.

3.  Connect Mini USB to your Robot
There is a Mini USB port at the top on its back and behind its neck.  Make sure that the robot is powered off and connect Mini USB cable to the robot.

4.  Establish Connection
Go to the RM2 tool bar and click on the connect button.

5.  Open Transfer Window
Click on the Transfer button, it will open up a transfer window.

Here is the screen shot of the transfer window.

6.  Select control map
Select the control map and click on Edit button.

7.  Select animation to make some change
Select assigned animation that you would like to make a change.
The button assignment is shown under “Performing condition”.

Click on Edit button, it will open up “input preference window”.

8.  Change assigned animation 
Click on the “Choose” button.

Select the animation file that you would like to assign, then click “Open”.

You can also change button assignment by checking on the different check box for button inputs.

Click “OK” on the “Control map input preference” window.

Now the assigned animation has been changed from “Nod” to “Greeting”.

9.  Save and Transfer the updated control map setting 
Click on the save button and save the modified control map setting, then close the window.

Transfer modified CPU settings and close the transfer window.
Then click "Close" and close the transfer window.

10.  Disconnect the Robot
Click on the Connect button and disconnect the robot from RM2.
Then, pull the Mini USB cable from the robot.

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